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Hotel Doña Manuela
Fall in love with La Mancha.
The perfect location of Doña Manuela Hotel will allow you to discover the endless marvels awaiting you in La Mancha.

Stay with us and you will get to explore nature at its best by visiting Las Tablas de Daimiel and Cabañeros National Parks, as well as Ruidera lakes and cascades.

If you fancy a more cultural plan, enjoy the treasures hidden in the streets of Daimiel, visit La Motilla del Azuer Archeological Site and marvel at the historic and cultural towns of Almagro and Villanueva de los Infantes.

Above all, do not forget to follow Don Quixote’s steps and admire the windmills that the famous gentleman took for giants.
Almagro is a historic-artistic grouping dating back to the 16th-18th centuries and located minutes from Daimiel.

This town was inhabited by Knights of the Order of Calatrava and by Central European families which embellished it with their palaces. The most remarkable of them is Valdeparaíso palace, with its amazing “Corral de Comedias” (the typical theatre in the 17th century). The Town Square is also worth visiting, since it is the typical Manchego square with European influences.

Just a few kilometres from Almagro, you can also visit Calatrava la Nueva Castle, one of the most important Medieval fortresses in the area.
From Doña Manuela Hotel you can walk to Plaza de España, with its thousand-year olive tree planted by the Arabs. Then walk the pedestrian streets leading to Santa María la Mayor Church, dating back to the late 14th century. You can also San Pedro Apóstol church, from the 16th century.

At the local museum, you can learn more about the history and traditiond of Daimiel. It is the perfect place to know more about the Bronze Age and Las Motillas, the most important Archeological Site in the province, more than 4000 years old.
Cabañeros National Park
A 1h from Daimiel you will find Cabañeros National Park, a great example of the Mediterrean forest. For an unforgettable visit, come visit it in the autum and enjoy the beautiful colours and the groups of deer.

Please bear in mind that bookings to visit the park have to be made in advance.
Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park
Las Tablas de Daimiel is a unique wetland and the last of its kind. It is incredibly rich in fauna and flora and the perfect choice to realize and share the importance of preserving nature. Its marvelous landscapes and diversity of species will marvel you.

There are three different paths that should be ideally walked in small groups and in silence. You can also enjoy a tour in a four-wheel vehicle, as well as engage in birdwatching activities, hiking and many other choices offered by this unique natural landscape.

We recommend you to visit the Park early in the morning or late in the afternoon, the peak activity hours of the birds that inhabit it.
Villanueva de los Infantes
Villanueva de los Infantes is a historic-artistic grouping dating back to the 16th-17th centuries.

The Town Square is an example of harmony, light and elegance. The buildings in it have Renaissance and Baroque architectural elements. You can also visit Santo Domingo Convent, the place of death of Francisco de Quevedo, famous writer from the Spanish Golden Age.
La Motilla del Azuer Archeological Site
La Motilla del Azuer is an Archeological Site more than 4000 years old. It was recently opened to the public. It dates back to the Bronze Age and its stone structure is unique in the world.